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The single is out now through Dwarrowdelf Records. Check out to find out where to stream. 🤘

Evolving the logo.

New for November 2022 - A new Dinenthal logo. A time for change and a time to move to a new chapter in the story. It seems now the right...

New album out now!

Equinoctial Gales of the Firth of Lorne is now available at the Dwarrowdelf BandCamp page and all digital media stores.

New album release date set.

The new album, Equinoctial Gales of the Firth of Lorne will be released on digital platforms on the 1st of May 2022 alongside a limited...


Greetings, welcome to the official Dinenthal webpage. Please follow and share this webpage, follow on instagram, twitter and facebook....

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