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Music: Discography
‎Dinenthal Cover Art.‎013.jpeg

The Skirl of the Tyne

Summer 2023

The Skirl of the Tyne

The North Tyne rises from Deadwater Fell near the Scottish Border and the South Tyne rises on Alston Moor in Cumbria. They finally merge at Warden Rock to form the River Tyne. Along the banks of this historic river whispered legends of mighty giants, witchcraft, curses and even the mythical Wild Hunt. In more modern times, great machines burrowed deep into the ground to extract the high grade coal to fuel great northern industry and to feed the south with winter fuel.
As the years passed, the cranes fell silent on the docks and the machines ceased digging in the dark places, but the songs and the legends live on in the poems and songs of the north.

01. A Northumbrian Skirl

02. Deadwater Fell

03. Alston Moor

04. Herlaþing

05. Thaumaturgy of Cuthbert's Well 

06. Confluence of Warden Rock

07.The Coven of Riding House

08. Iron Ettins

09. The Black Middens

10. Tinanmuðe 

​11. The North Sea

12. A Northumbrian Skirl (Reprise)

13. Threnody of Windlestone

‎Dinenthal Cover Art.‎002.jpeg

Tinanmuðe (Single)

5th July 2023

Tinanmuðe, the second single from the upcoming album,  The Skirl of the Tyne

Tinanmuðe (Tynemouth) is the end of the River Tyne as it joins the North Sea. Pen Bal Crag stands custodian over the mouth of the river and has seen Roman and Viking invaders plus witnessed the rise of industry, wars and collapse of the local economy.

Tynemouth Priory was founded early in the 7th century, perhaps by Edwin of Northumbria. In 651 Oswin, king of Deira was murdered by the soldiers of King Oswiu of Bernicia, and subsequently his body was brought to Tynemouth for burial. He became St Oswin and his burial place became a shrine visited by pilgrims. He was the first of the three kings buried at Tynemouth.

In 792 Osred II, who had been king of Northumbria from 789 to 790 and then deposed, was murdered. He also was buried at Tynemouth Priory. Osred was the second of the three kings buried at Tynemouth. The third king to be buried at Tynemouth was Malcolm III, king of Scotland, who was killed at the Battle of Alnwick in 1093. This is the same Malcolm who appears in Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Dinenthal Cover Art.005.jpeg

Herlaþing (Single)

13th February 2023

Herlaþing, the first single from the upcoming album,  The Skirl of the Tyne.

The title, Herlaþing is the Old English name for The Wild Hunt which is present in the folklore of various northern European cultures. Wild Hunts are led by a mythological figure escorted by a ghostly group of hunters engaged in a pursuit. The leader of the hunt is often a named figure such as Odin in Norse legends, Woden in Anglo Saxon legends, but could also be a historical or legendary figure like Theodoric the Great, the Danish king Valdemar Atterdag, the Welsh mythological king Gwyn ap Nudd, or even biblical figures such the Devil.

In Dinenthal's native Northumbria, the local legend speaks of the Wild Hunt appearing Haltwhistle and over Hadrian’s Wall. The single cover features the iconic Sycamore Gap of Hadrian’s Wall.

01. Herlaþing

02. Herlaþing [Instrumental]

03. King Coal and the Witchpricker (2022 Re-recording)

Firth of Lorne Booklet.001.jpeg

Equinoctial Gales of the Firth of Lorne

1st May 2022

The West Coast of Scotland, specifically the part of Western Argyll that few have seen and visited is a place of raw and powerful natural beauty. Rich with legends of great and powerful Celtic goddesses, Scandinavian conquests, kings, queens, princes and princesses. A land where the sea meets the sky, the sky meets the land, and time drifts as the great tides roar between islands of splintered rocks. It that kind of place that once it enters your soul, it stays with you throughout eternity. I have seen it, I have breathed its iodine laced air while feeling the sting of the Atlantic rain. I have navigated through the howling masses of water that constitute the tides. I have walked upon the shores of islands that are rarely visited by others. I have dived to the intoxicating depths where nitrogen narcosis affects the mind in terrifying ways that only a few have witnessed. I watched as the giver of life, our sun descended over the mountains of the distant islands, thus setting the sky afire. I stayed, scrying the sickle-shaped welt of our galaxy and Luna’s iridescent glow over the timeless seas. This place isn’t just in my soul, this place is my soul. It was my earliest memory, and it will likely remain until my final memories pass.

01. Cailleach Bheurra

02. Cauldron of the Speckled Seas

03. Tidewater of the Grey Dogs

04. Brume Fills the Vales of Mull

05. An Garbh Eileaicha

06. Bridge Over the Atlantic

07. Isolation of Scarba

08. Isles of Slate

09. The Isle of Luing  [Instrumental]

Howling Orbit Around Our Sun

Howling Orbit Around Our Sun

31st October 2021

Written during one of the years of the the coronavirus pandemic, and taking a track for each of the four seasons, Dinenthal crafted an album. The UK lockdowns were tough on everyone, mentally and Dinenthal poured in all of the darkness of that experience.

A limited run of CD copies are available at

01. Spring Slays The White Witch
02. Summer Sun Sears The Sky
03. The Rot Of Autumn Leaves
04. Howling Orbit Around Our Sun (Ice Fangs Of Winter)

Band Artwork Vinyl.015.jpeg

The Fallen Empire

13th February 2021

From the mind of the storyteller comes a tale of god-like emperors, greed, betrayal and a war among the heavens. Based on a yet-to-be-published novel by Dinenthal, the story tells of two brothers who were destined to rule an empire, and the seed of mistrust that eventually grew to destroy everything in the schism of fire, what would rise from the ashes?

01. Fortelling Of The Antediluvian Prophecy
02. Duumvirate Of The Niðdraca
03. The Gilded Epoch
04. Diminution As The Days Turn Sour
05. Umbra Of Warfare Cascades Over The Palatine Megalopolis
06. Constellations Smothered By Abhorrence
07. The Fall Of The Arkarian Empire
08. The Funeral Of Our Beloved Imperator
09. Reborn In The Blinding Flames
10. The Spire Of Midian Remains In Eternal Darknes
11. The Dawn Of A New Republic

Band Artwork Vinyl.005_480x480.jpeg

Threnody of the Sun God (Single)

13th December 2020

Second single from Hell. Antihuman was originally going to be titled "The Ballad of Shauny D".

01. Threnody of the Sun God

02. Antihuman

Hell Cover Art.jpeg


10th December 2020

The follow up to The Wayfarer, Dinenthal again reinvented the sound by stripping back on the analogue synths and added layers of 6 and 8 string guitars to the mix. The album is a collection of tales of destruction, vengeful gods, and life experiences. The album also contains two alternative recordings of The Eye Of Jupiter and The Wayfarer Sails The Sea Of Memory.

01. Threnody Of The Sun God
02. Flail
03. Born
04. Grandfather Of Time
05. The Summoning
06. Sound Of Sleat
07. Dreams By The Loch
08. Icon
09. Enervated Within The Quarantine
10. The Endless River
11. The Eye Of Jupiter [bonus]
12. The Wayfarer Sails The Sea Of Memory [bonus]

Band Artwork Vinyl.006_480x480.jpeg

Flail / Born (EP)

25th August 2020

First single/EP release from Hell, contains two radio edited versions of Flail and Born for use on Rage Rock Radio.

01. Flail

02. Born

03. Flail (Radio Edit)

04. Born (Radio Edit)

Band Artwork Vinyl.028.jpeg

The Wayfarer

27th March 2020

Dinenthal reinvented his sound by fusing analogue synthesisers and sequencers with his black metal guitars and vocals. The album had intended to be a collection of Northumbrian/Northeast folklore, however due to a family bereavement, Dinenthal struggled to complete the record. The album is dedicated to the memory of his brother-in-law. 

01. Luna Immaculatos
02. Bedahalh
03. A Dead World Under A Dying Star
04. Wyrm Of Bebbanburgh
05. Dark Reefs Of The Farne Islands
06. The Haunting Of Chillingham Castle
07. Longstone Against The Grinding Sea
08. Adrift Between Distant Galaxies
09. Enervated Within The Quarantine
10. The Eye Of Jupiter
11. The Wayfarer Sails The Sea Of Memory

iTunes/Spotify Bonus Tracks
12. Time [Pink Floyd cover]
13. Welcome To The Machine [Pink Floyd cover]

Bandcamp Bonus Track
12. King Coal And The Witchpricker [Bandcamp bonus]

Band Artwork.001_480x480-2.jpeg

The Eye of Jupiter (Single)

8th December 2019

Second single from The Wayfarer, including two radio edited versions created to be added to the regular rotation on Rage Rock Radio.

01. The Eye of Jupiter

02. The Eye of Jupiter (Radio Edit)

03. Bedahalh (Radio Edit)

Bedahalh (Single)_320x320.jpeg

Bedahalh (Single)

16th September 2019

First single from The Wayfarer.

01. Bedahalh

Band Artwork.001_480x480.jpeg

C6 H8 07 Nihtgengan (EP)

15th April 2019

A collection of 4 instrumental demo tracks, the basis of which were intended to be used for stage entrance/exit interval music for stage shows. While working on these tracks, the idea for the DTS Overdrive project was spawned.

01. Sapphires Of An Ancient Hatred
02. Jokers Wild
03. Silent Contemplation
04. Citric Nightmare

Dinenthal Art3.006_320x320.jpeg

Retroperistalsis (Single)

7th January 2019

Second single release from Inaugural Repository Of Desolation.

  1. Retroperistalsis

Band Artwork Vinyl.001.jpeg

Inaugural Repository Of Desolation

19th December 2018

Many years in the writing, Dinenthal started writing the album in 2010 during the hiatus of Acherontia Styx but wasn't able to start recording until 2017. The album is a collection of folklore, horror and fantasy tales. The lyrics of the track Lindisfarnaee are entirely written and performed using Old English.

The whole album was rerecorded and remixed and then rereleased on December the 19th 2020, two years after its original release. Fans may still find the original recording on digital media stores.

01. Norðhymbra
02. The Coldest Hour
03. Banished Beyond The Edge Of The Earth
04. Corryvreckan
05. Lindisfarnaee
06. They All Float
07. Retroperistalsis
08. Fly Lord
09. There Is Only War


There Is Only War (Single)

December 5th 2018

First release and double A-side from Inaugural Repository Of Desolation

01. There Is Only War
02. Banished Beyond The Edge of the Earth

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