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Atheist Alien: A Tale of Pentacles 

Spoken Word Doom Laden Synth

Atheist Alien is the brainchild of avantgarde author Brian Labrecque. 

A Tale of Pentacles is the debut full-length album by Atheist Alien.

Born from the cold ashes of a thousand dead gods.

Atheist Alien is epic spoken word poetry in the tradition of the Iliad, the Mahabharata and Edgar Allan Poe, fused with the dark unrelenting brutality of Doom Metal.


Released 10 March 2023

produced by Paul Dinenthal Taylor and Brian Horostopholes Labrecque

Written by Brian Horostopheles Labrecque

Dinenthal - all synthesizers & arrangements 

Horostopheles - vocals

Robert Lowe - vocals on "Stone Tape Theory"

Nita Morrígan - duet vocals on "Testimony of Those Who Hate You"

Simon Skrlec - drums

Album artwork - HeiYuBai

© 2023 Laser Yoga Records

Atheist Alien: About

Atheist Alien

Superordinate Manifesto

The story is of a lone human, lost in a haze of anonymity

and purposelessness, captured by the Earth's sick religions

in their desperate attempt to rob people of their freedom

of thought and reliance on factual reality, climaxing with the lone human's Homeric transformation into a vengeful, mythical anti-God lunar deity.

To explore the duality of brutality, there are two tracks,

one brutal Doom Metal, and the other with the metaphysical

ethereal sounds of space and time.

Dual versions of the same epic tale, meant to crawl into both sides of your consciousness.

Like nothing you've ever heard, like nothing ever to come.

released June 30, 2021

written and produced by

Brian Horustopheles Labrecque

Dinenthal - vocals

Mavis Murasaki - vocals

John Page Contraband - Drums

Oliver Stöckert - Guitar

COAG Music - Synthesizers

Part 1 intentionally recorded with slightly off-time guitar which syncs up on its own about once every minute. It's ALIVE!

cover art design-Brian Labrecque sky photo-Altinay Ding, Alien01-Lionel Allorge

CC BY-SA 3.0

Special thanks to Grant Crossan, Guy Mann-

Atheist Alien: About
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